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DIVING COSTA RICA - Yellow Fin Land Tour

Diving is still our main activity; actually it is also our passion. Scuba Diving in Guanacaste is besides Cocos Island the very best and recommended in Costa Rica . Guanacaste is a very dry region during six months of the year, from December to May.

This season is the so-called Dry Season that creates the dry Tropical Forest but also the pristine and untouched clear water. The other six moths of the year it rains quiet often, but that does not really affect our sites since we are not close to Rivers.

We can say that compared to the Caribbean, our visibility is not as good as theirs, clearly because of the surf and the fact that the tides of the Pacific are more extreme than the quiet Caribbean . But do not misunderstand us, we also get 60 feet of visibility in a good day.

And believe me, when you see the Underwater Wildlife we have, your mouth will go wide open.

Diving Costa Rica's Pacific Coast is The Experience.


How is the diving from Flamingo?
Information and Tips

Costa Rica 's Guanacaste Region is Central Americas Hot Spot for Diving.
(Geri Murphy, Skin Diver Magazine 1996 )

Due to temperature underwater, that usually goes from 76 - 80 from May to Mid December (Mostly the Rainy Season), we recommend you to bring a 3 mm or Polar Tec. During the Peak of the Dry Season, from December to April, the temperature goes down to 70 in depths, so we recommend you to definitely bring your 3 mm . Outside, the temperature fluctuates between 85 - 90 all year round, with a very low humidity. What really makes this area fascinating is the unpredictable currents and upwelling that can cause a five degrees shift in temperature during the same dive. Thermo clines often occur at the 80 to 100 foot zone.

Few places in the Western Hemisphere can match the enormous amount of fish activity found among the rocky islets and undersea pinnacles off this coastline.

Guanacaste is best known for its spectacular marine life, both in abundance and diversity. Schools of 1000 to 5000 fish are encountered at almost every dive site and on daily basis. Reef Fish species are a bland of Pacific Coast and Tropical Pacific Varieties never seen in the Caribbean waters - plus many familiar Caribbean Species. Big animals encountered by divers include Giant Manta Rays, several species of Sharks and Turtles, Eagle Rays, Great Grouper and Whale Sharks.

Underwater photographers find this region a treasure house of photo opportunities that include an impressive array of moray eel species such as the Snowflake, Jeweled, White mouth, Zebra and Others.

Underwater visibility is equally variable ranging from 30 to 100 feet , depending upon location, tides and those unpredictable currents. The nutrient rich waters that attract the immense quantity of marine life also contribute to the lower visibility.

One of the best Off Shore Locations that offers high adventure and superior visibility is the Catalina Islands , a cluster of small Rock Islands and pinnacles in front of Flamingo Beach .

Catalina Islands
Only 25 minute ride from Flamingo, Catalina has become very popular among divers since it is considered an unexploded paradise with several different sites to be discovered.

Bat Islands ( Islas Murcielago )
Las Islas Murcielago, as locals know this Rock Formations, are perhaps still The site everybody wants to experience. About 1 ¼ away from Flamingo, these solitary islands are surrounded by the most astonishing underwater landscapes and animals we can see. Deep waters and lots of Giant Manta Rays as well as Wahoos, Jack, large Meros or Groupers are to be seen in this fabulous site. Tigers or Bull shark, never seen 12 Footer...? Here you will get the chance



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